On September 9th, 2015 Andrea Weiss traveled to Rome, Italy to speak at the 2015 World Retail Congress.

Andrea Weiss NY Retail Panel at World Retail Congress 2015

Panel of New York Retail Disruptors Start-up CEO’s
From left to right
Andrea Weiss, TOA
Sarah LaFleur, MM LaFleur
Claire Chambers, Journelle
Caroline Gogolak, Carbon38

“World Retail Congress was founded in 2007 in response to retailers seeking a platform for senior leaders to come together to discuss the major issues and trends affecting the industry.”

“In 2015, the World Retail Congress programme took as its theme: Transforming retail today, tomorrow and beyond. It summed-up the feeling of the retail industry that no-one can afford to standstill and that to survive in this disrupted age, retailers have to transform everything they do.”

World Retail Congress Rome 2015