logoScoreData Corporation today announced that it has been selected join the New York-based consulting network, The O Alliance, as a Technology Platform Affiliate.

ScoreData Corporation Joins The O Alliance as Technology Platform Affiliate
The O Method™ leverages the ScoreFast™ platform in the Retail Enterprise

“ScoreData Corporation today announced that it has been selected to join the New York-based consulting network, The O Alliance, as a Technology Platform Affiliate.

The partnership aligns unique interests and expertise. The O Alliance, has created a unique
transformational platform, challenging the retail industry to replace omni-channel strategies with a Seamless Circular Commerce approach. It’s trademarked ‘The O Method™’ technique, leverages a network of best practice providers under the extraordinary thought leadership of co-founder Andrea Weiss, who brings thirty-plus years of retail executive and board leadership experience.

ScoreData was founded on the premise that decades of human learning and intuition about buying
behavior can finally be incorporated into consumer-facing digital touch-points by studying large volumes of data statistically and incorporating that learning into the machines that drive commerce. It’s ScoreFast™ engine uses advanced mathematics and statistical techniques to learn about incoming data, develop a customized model and then predict consumer propensities for action. This allows Retailers to offer just-in-time recommendations and offers that will drive revenues and profits in real-time.

‘Data is the ‘coin of the realm’ in the new world of retail. We have a vision to integrate critical data so that the retailer can use the same data in a consistent way across all engagement channels in the retail enterprise. We are delighted that our vision is aligned with The O Alliance, and looking forward to working with Andrea Weiss and her network to create new value for the Retail Predictive Enterprise’, said Vas Bhandarkar, CEO of ScoreData Corporation.

‘Data is the currency of commerce that aligns all channels around the customer’ said Andrea Weiss, of The O Alliance. ‘We are delighted to welcome ScoreData Corporation to The O Alliance Affiliates. They bring a unique combination of predictive analytics expertise, with hundreds of unique data models deployed in consumer facing industries, which we believe can deliver a 360 degree insight into unique customer behavior for retailers.’

About The O Alliance

The O Alliance is new consulting model that leverages a network of transformational practitioners
with expertise in all the critical areas that will unlock value and empower a retailer-digital,
technology, operations, change management, marketing and talent. Designed to align a retailer’s
organizational practices around today’s digitally savvy consumer, The O Alliance’s holistic
approach delivers customer focused strategy and solution driven execution that creates a circular
shopping ecosystem.

About ScoreData Corporation

ScoreData has developed a state of the art cloud-based Predictive Analytics Platform leveraging
its deep expertise in developing predictive solutions for consumer facing industries. Our
mathematicians and statisticians have built hundreds of unique models for Banking and Financial
Services, Telecom, and Retail industries. We have generated hundreds of millions of scores for
consumers, on petabytes of data, with hundreds of data attributes, using gigabytes of data to train our models.

ScoreData’s unique ScoreFast™ Engine utilizes machine learning to train a custom model with
specific data, with focused human supervision and domain intuition for the specific problem at
hand, delivering the best of both the worlds, a custom scorecard developed in near real-time
yielding dramatically shorter times to market than a standard model off the shelf. ScoreData
scorecards have been used in Fraud Detection, Collections and Recovery, Cross-sell and Up-sell,
and several other data-intensive applications for some of the largest companies in the world.”

See the pdf release here.