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The O Alliance understands how difficult it is for retailers and brands to stay current with technologies and services which can help achieve Seamless Circular Commerce. Our unique network of world class affiliates allows The O Alliance to stay current with best practices and emerging technologies which can give a company critical advantage. While remaining platform agnostics, The O Alliance can help a retailer select the best of breed for their company solutions.

From enterprise systems to innovation leaders and start-ups, The O Alliance stays ahead of the best solutions through our growing network of Affiliates. To learn more about O Alliance Affiliates and how you can be part of this network, contact us at

Enterprise Affiliates


Our vision is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. Our mission is to help customers run at their best. Tofulfill our mission, we help our customers master complexity with simple and easy to use solutions focused on innovation in the cloud and on SAP HANA. Our strategy is to become THE cloud company powered by SAP HANA with focus on public cloud: Standard and suite solutions; business network: Ariba, Concur, Fieldglass; private cloud on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Tyco Retail Solutions

In today’s dynamic retail environment, you understand the importance of innovative new strategies to improve your business performance and build shopper loyalty. To help you get there, you need a partner like Tyco Retail Solutions that recognizes, responds, and delivers the technology, solutions, and expertise needed to stay one step ahead—while staying in touch with the constantly changing needs of your customers.

Platform Affiliates



Profitect is a different type of software company. We improve or replace your current business intelligence and exception based reporting tools, working with all organizations within retail. Instead of sending someone a report to analyze, just tell them the opportunity and prescribe the actions they should take. It’s that simple.


Crayon Data

Crayon’s SimplerChoicesTM platform is the recipe that solves the paradox of more. It is powered by its taste and interest graph that match and combine rich external taste, influence, behavior and context data to an enterprise’s internal data, to deliver personalized choices. In the 24 months of its existence, Crayon has been recognized and awarded by several global platforms like the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge, CeBIT 2014 and TiE Silicon Valley.

Services Affiliates

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Kick Start Affiliates


Same as Algo-trading machines have revolutionized the stock markets, Aimee with its AlgoMarketing™ engine is doing the same for Retailers. Aimee autonomously decides within less than 200ms which campaign matches the specific consumer and adapts your home page, mobile, email accordingly generating more revenue per visitor. The result is an increase in sales of 5%-20%. Aimee’s SaaS platform is built using advanced big data science, deep learning and machine learning algorithms.



ScoreData has developed a state of the art cloud-based Predictive Analytics Platform leveraging its deep expertise in developing predictive solutions for consumer facing industries. Our mathematicians and statisticians have built hundreds of unique models for Banking and Financial Services, Telecom, and Retail industries. We have generated hundreds of millions of scores for consumers, on petabytes of data, with hundreds of data attributes, using gigabytes of data to train our models.

ScoreData’s unique ScoreFast™ Engine utilizes machine learning to train a custom model with specific data, with focused human supervision and domain intuition for the specific problem at hand, delivering the best of both the worlds, a custom scorecard developed in near real-time yielding dramatically shorter times to market than a standard model off the shelf. ScoreData scorecards have been used in Fraud Detection, Collections and Recovery, Cross-sell and Up-sell, and several other data-intensive applications for some of the largest companies in the world.

See Betsy Atkins article from The Wall Street Journal blog Big Data and the Board featuring research by ScoreData.



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